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My Pink Winter Jacket

I am ready for winter. Mommy got me another Winter Jacket and again, it’s from Zulily. It was so cheap, mommy got it for only $25 from $49.99 original price. My brother have this kind too and it’s color blue. My Pink Winter Jacket  

Accessorize Your Babies with Kosse Designs

I wish I can wear this stuff again. My mom said she used to put bows on me but I hate those stuff in my head so I am always removing them. Now that I am six years old, I am so fond of these accessories unfortunately these stuffs are for babies only. I so [...]

Steel Gray & Black Hooded Sweater

This one is also from Cherry Stix in Zulily. Another perfect top for kids this winter. Sizes available for 2 years old up to 8 years old. Steel Gray & Black Hooded Sweater – Toddler

Hot Pink & High Rise Stripe Belted Cardigan

This Hot Pink and High Rise Stripe Belted Cardigan was made by Cherry Stix found in Zulily. Sale for only $10.99 from it’s original price of $19.00 unfortunately there’s no more size 6 for me. It’s nice for Winter and perfect for my boots and leggings. I wish there would be an available size soon. Hot [...]

Pink Caddy

I ordered for this caddy few months ago but sadly they wern’t able to deliver it due to availability.  It’s kinda sad coz I want this for my room.  It’s nice to put my activities and schedule here and so with my assignments. I wish there will be more of this kind soon in ZULILY. [...]

JH Design Group Character Jackets

Black ‘Superman’ Jacket – Toddler & Boys $44.99 original $90.00 Navy ‘Spiderman’ Jacket – Toddler & Boys $44.99 original $90.00

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