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My Pink Summer Outfit

Look what I got here! A pink backless floral top and a skirt! My family went shopping at TANGER OUTLET in Branson Missouri last weekend. You know winter is already finished so Dad bought me some pairs of summer outfits, swimsuit, tops and pants for spring.

Get Ready for Summer!

I am excited for summer is coming so soon! I miss swimming already! I wanna go back to the resort where we visited last summer! I miss the tall slides and fun activities in that resort and I really wanna go back there soon! Mommy is now busy looking for my swim suits and she’s [...]

Princess Expressions in Purplelicious!

Calling all Purple Lovers!!!!  Another Princess Expression products here!! If you love pink and purple these are another tempting products you’ll surely love!! All of them up to 50% off in Zulily!!! Please Click ZULILY in my sidebar for more information. Lilac Hair Extension $8.99 original $14.00 Lilac Butterfly Clip Set $8.99 original $14.00 Lilac [...]

Princess Expressions in Pinkalicious

WHo will not fall inlove with all these pretty pinkalicious set out girly outfits?!? My mom was so inlove with them and she wants to make dresses like this! Mommy loves girly dresses indeed so she wants to make them too. But if you are not into sewing, you can just buy these girly stuff [...]

Getting Ready For Summer?

Mommy was so busy looking for summer swimwear already. She’s serious about getting rid of her tummy so she can wear nice swim wear. As for me, I always love to wear swim suits every summer! Here’s some of the swim wears available now in Zulily and I can’t wait to see them on hand [...]

Peace Signs on Demand

I saw most of my friends and schoolmates were wearing shirts, shoes and other garments with PEACE sign. I learned this from my classmates and so when daddy bought me a new pair of boots,  I chose the one with peace sign in Sketchers and we had a long fight before dad bought this. Peace [...]

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